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Car safety tips to learn from Formula 1 | DirectAsia


There are so many things to look forward to in the upcoming 2016 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix. To be held in the Marina Bay street circuit on the 16th to 18th of September 2016, the event is packed full of fast cars, entertainment acts, and stellar parties. It will certainly be a very memorable racing season you wouldn’t want to miss.

Driving on the road is very different from driving in the circuit. However, there are a lot of things ordinary drivers can learn from our favourite Formula 1 drivers. In this blog article, we are exploring some of the driving and safety lessons we can learn from Formula 1. Now, we won’t exactly be teaching you how to drive exactly like a race car driver but taking elements from them for smarter and better driving.

1. Safety

Despite speed as being the primary objective of the race, car safety is still major concern for Formula 1 drivers. From the design of the car all the way to preparations before the race itself, auto racing teams follow very strict guidelines when it comes to the safety of their vehicles and their drivers. It all starts from the data. Accident data plays a big part of identifying potential driving risks. This is very similar to how car insurance companies assess ordinary drivers to determine their car insurance premium. From the accident data collected, auto racing teams can improve on risks that have been identified. There are a series of multiple inspections before every race. This can be quite extensive but it is necessary for the safety of the driver and the very expensive equipment. Every race has its risks and the Formula 1 Grand Prix is no exception.

What you can learn from it?

As much as we keep our cars in tip top shape, there are a lot of hazards when on the road. Keep a list of things you need to keep in check or better yet have your vehicle routinely inspected would ensure that your vehicle is safe for the road. Investing in comprehensive car insurance will also give you the peace of mind you need to drive confidently.

2. Compliance

When it comes to any Formula 1 race, there are very strict standards that auto racing teams must follow in order to qualify for the race. Compliance to these strict industry standards is a necessary step to ensuring that the race will have lesser risks for any serious accidents. Here are just some of the rules and regulations auto racing teams have to comply with before and during the race.

  • Weight of the Vehicle
  • Safety Equipment
  • Fuel (Usage and Refuelling)
  • Clothing of the Driver
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Car Construction
  • Safety Car & Suspending a Race
  • Dimensions of the Car
  • And so much more.

To an ordinary spectator, these rules may seem excessive. However, with so many different technical advancements when it comes to improving the speed or safety of the car, these rules and regulations can actually ensure that the auto racing teams are on level playing fields and the safety is prioritised.

What you can learn from it?

According to the Land Transportation Authority of Singapore, it is advisable to have your vehicle inspected by a professional annually. Professional mechanics follow a list of guidelines set by the LTA to ensure that systems of your vehicle are running smoothly. Regular inspections will a help minimise vehicle break downs and road accidents by identifying problem areas in your vehicle. This allows you to fix any minor issues which could potentially become worse over time if not attended to.

3. Endurance

If you’ve ever been on a road trip then you would know how tiring it is drive for a straight two to three hours. The Singapore Grand Prix runs for about two hours with over 61 laps. For the Formula 1 drivers, it is crucial to remain alert throughout this time. Because these drivers go on extreme speeds, any distraction can result in a very serious accident. Our favourite F1 drivers take precautions before and during the race in order to ensure they remain alert. Whether it is their diet or an exercise regiment, they ensure that their body can handle the pressure during race day.

What you can learn from it?

We may not go as fast as F1 race car drivers but remaining alert on the road is your best safeguard to avoid getting into any serious accidents. If you are going on a road trip, apart from inspecting your vehicle, make sure your body is ready for the long journey ahead.

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