24 Hour Insurance: How We're Always Open, Unlike Our Elevator

Want to Buy Your Insurance in Your Slippers at 3AM? No Problem.

Despite being a 24 hour nation in many respects, there are some things you simply can’t do in Singapore in your dressing robe at 3AM. You can’t go shopping. You can’t get your laundry done. You probably can’t visit your favourite restaurant. And until a few years ago, you couldn’t get your insurance organised either.

In those days, if you tried to call up your insurance broker at 3am, you would be waiting a very long time – or if you had your broker’s personal number, you might damage your client-broker relationship beyond repair.

But here at DirectAsia.com we believe that if you want to buy your insurance at 3am wearing your pajamas and Hello Kitty slippers – you should be able to.

An Elevating Advert

Back in 2010, when the buzz around our low-cost online insurance was first getting around Singapore, we commissioned a campaign that illustrated our ‘always open’ ethos. The creative result – a kind of environmental advertising -was an elevator that looked like it was open, when it was actually closed. Using hidden cameras, we recorded confused elevator-users hovering cautiously around the doors, unsure whether they were open or not – or indeed whether they were ‘losing the plot’ or not.

Check out the video:

Get Online, Get Covered

At DirectAsia.com we do insurance differently, so our advertising reflects that. The elevator ad illustrates one of the many reasons thousands of Singaporeans are turning to us for their insurance needs. Aside from being able to buy your cover securely online 24 hours a day, you’ll get a Best Price Guarantee on Car Insurance, and be offered highly competitive premiums on Motorcycle, Home, Travel and Term Life insurance.

Full Control

We also give you the power to choose the options you need, further reducing the price you pay, and because we’ve invested in cutting edge IT systems and use modern processes, we’re also more efficient than the average insurer.

Say Goodbye, Average Insurer

Indeed, one of the biggest reasons we can offer you low-cost cover is because we are completely unlike the average insurer – that is, we are unlike the traditional broker. Because we have cut out this middleman, or woman, there is no commission to pay – meaning big savings for you.

24 hour online insurance
Get covered in a matter of minutes at DirectAsia.com

24 Hour Insurance

So remember, if you’re lying in bed at 3am, worried because you’ve just realised your insurance has lapsed, you can get online, get a quote, and get covered in a matter of minutes at DirectAsia.com. You’re sure to nod off in no time.

One day, all insurance will be bought this way (quickly, easily and cheaply that is – not in your dressing robe at 3AM).

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