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We love helping our customers get the right policy for their needs. Usually that also means savings since they’re only paying for the cover they need. Hear from our real customers on why they switched to DirectAsia and what they did with their savings.

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  Travel Insurance : Shout out to Elyn Pan, she's the claim specialist who helped me through the process. She was very diligent in updating as well as following up outstanding action items especially on my end.

Estacio Jenelyn Ocol
30 January 2017


  Travel Insurance : Staff friendly & approachable. Great service.

Sadhana Bte Abu Bakar
25 January 2017


  Car Insurance : I had encountered the accident during the weekends, and I called DirectAsia for advices on what procedure and options that I have, however was originally disappointed with the weekend staff that do not guide me well. Had a call on Monday morning again and the representative that helped me greatly was named Harna - she is very patience and also went through different options in details that allow me to know choose correctly.Met up with the Surveyor - Derrick and he is very professional and direct that I felt very comfortable and glad that was with DirectAisa :) 

Han Peng Goh
18 January 2017


  Travel Insurance : Team was efficient and gave prompt advices over the phone. Claim was quickly resolved without any hassle.

Poh Si Hui Grace
18 January 2017


  Travel Insurance : Speed and efficient in gathering details and entire approval process.

John Meng Teik Lim
11 January 2017


  Travel Insurance : Speed is pretty alright. Not Super fast but the friendly customer service makes up for that.

Darren Chan Matthias
10 January 2017


  Travel Insurance : Your Claims Specialist Elyn Pan made the extra effort to call me to check if I have mailed out the documents cos she has yet to receive them. This is great follow up and i'm totally impressed.

Carine Soh Geok Khim
9 January 2017


  Travel Insurance : My experience so far has been that the team in DirectAsia processed my claim like a "blitzkrieg". It was superfast and extremely efficient. Never felt the same experience with other companies before. Cheers for such an amazing service.I was greeted with a great smile at your office reception by a lady when I came to hand over claims form with other documents. I had quite a positive feeling that I am in good hands and it truly was. The claims was processed in record time of 2 days. I hope DirectAsia keeps up the same service always.

Sarvaiya Jatin Narotam
5 January 2017


  Travel Insurance : Very prompt and efficient. Officer was easy to liaise with. (Jenny)

Mun Yee Bernita Woo
4 January 2017


  Car Insurance : My workshop did everything for me. Filing and submitting claims etc. All seems smooth and especially through the festive holidays, I thought I'll collect my car much later. Thanks Direct Asia for the speedy clearance.

Tze Hean Chris Chen
3 January 2017


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