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  Motorcycle Insurance : I had issues applying motorcycle insurance due to a change in motorcycle and with the insurance company.
Jit attended to me during my 2 calls and the way he handled my matter, shows how experienced he is. He must have handled similar past cases. Jit was able to 'renew' my insurance with your company despite the overlaps with the current insurer. It was within a span of just 10mins and it was all settled. No disruption to work just like a visit to the restroom .For the past 5 years or so, never once had an unpleasant experience with DirectAsia. You guys rocks! Shout out to Jit and the team.

6 April 2017


  Car Insurance : Helpful staff, efficient and to-the-point, spent less than 5 minutes on the phone resolving my claim and setting up repair with Glass-Fix. Much appreciated.

Sek Loong Mark Foo
24 March 2017


  Car Insurance : As I had difficulties in walking after the accident, directasia staff was able to despatch a rider to my area for statement taking etc, instead of making me travel to the office. Really appreciate the effort. As of now, I am satisfied with the service received from directAsia. Thank you.

Chiau Khean Gavin See
23 March 2017


  Travel Insurance : DirectAsia acknowledged receipt of the claim promptly, and your Claims Specialist Jenny Lew got in touch with me a few days later to resolve some issues with my documents. The claim was settled shortly after. The terms of DirectAsia's travel insurance, and the efficiency at which DirectAsia settle claims gives me a peace of mind to plan for my trips. I'm confident that DirectAsia will take care of my prepaid expenses or medical expenses should unforeseen circumstances happen, and I always recommend my friends to buy travel insurance with DirectAsia.

Lin Junjie
21 March 2017


  Travel Insurance : DirectAsia has set industry standard benchmarks on outstanding service and all companies need to learn and emulate from Direct Asia.

Nuggehalli Sunderraj Keshav
20 March 2017


  Travel Insurance : Very happy with the assistance from your claim staff. You process the claim promptly and helped to advise the documents needed.. thank you. Happy overall.

Bak Leng Lim
17 March 2017


  Travel Insurance : Impress to receive call and follow by email to inform me the process and my claim has been approved only a few hours after I submitted my claim online. With no question asked. Very happy with the speed and personal touch. Well done.

Toh Foo Hing
10 March 2017


  Car Insurance : The speed at which things get done was great. My window was broken and if it rains water will come in so an immediate fix was necessary and I was glad that things got resolved within one day.

Kian Mun Ho
9 March 2017


  Travel Insurance : The follow-up was very efficient and fast, and I received the compensation within 1 week, thanks ElynDirect Asia sent me different inquiry emails regarding the incidents, would be better to ask all the questions in one go.

Nyu Cheau Jiun
7 March 2017


  Travel Insurance : I had a bicycle accident and the subsequent claims were expeditious and service by Elyn was excellent. However, on the day of accident when I called the hotline for advice, I was quite in distress but the telephone customer service officer wasn't too helpful except ask me to keep receipts to claim later. Perhaps, more experienced people who knows how to calm customers who just gotten into accident should be manning the emergency hotline. Keep up the good work direct asia! My friends are all switching over to you! After I shared with them my experience.

Kwang Liang Tan
1 March 2017


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