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Go Enjoy Your Trip, We've Got You Covered

Happier travel insurance built for Singapore travellers.

And when we say our travel insurance has you covered, we mean just about any emergency you can think of (and even a few you probably hadn't considered). We'll help you with annoyances like delayed luggage or flights up to medical evacuations and more.

You get the same comprehensive coverage (listed below) with every plan. But because not all travelers need the same amount of coverage, we let you pick from three plan limits so you pay only for what you want.   

Happier Tip: If you travel frequently (more than 3 or 4 times a year), consider an Annual Plan to save time and up to 40% on premiums.


Comprehensive Travel Insurance for Every Trip

Here's just some of what you get:

(for a full list of benefits read the Travel Policy Documents)

Medical Expenses

We'll help pay for medical expenses if you have an accident or become ill during your trip.

Fatal accident or disability

Your family will receive a cash sum if you have a fatal accident or become permanently disabled from an accident on your trip.

Emergency medical evacuation

You're covered if you become sick or injured and need to be moved to another location to receive urgent treatment.

Personal belongings

We'll help pay if personal belongings (including phones & laptops) or travel documents are lost, stolen or damaged.

Flight cancellations

You're covered for flight cancellations whether they'e caused by ash clouds, flu epidemics or strikes.

Delays caused by public transport

You're covered if your journey is delayed because of late public transport, overbookings or misconnections.

Travel cancellation

You will be compensated if the travel company or carrier becomes insolvent and your trip is cancelled.

Your travel is disrupted

You're covered if your trip is disrupted from natural disaster, civil commotion, unexpected death, serious injury or illness. 

Travel delay

You will be compensated if your flight, bus or boat is delayed for more than 6 hours.

Automatic Policy extension

Your policy will be extended if your flight is delayed or if you're injured and can't get back on your scheduled date.

Sports activities

You're automatically covered for most sport activities such as football, running, swimming, basketball, fishing and golf.

Pet Hotel (Optional)

Your pet hotel charges are covered if your return travel is delayed. Keep your dog or cat protected.

We'll automatically extend your policy regardless of annual or single trip cover, if your flight is delayed or you are injured and you can't get back home on your scheduled date.
We cover you for competitions such as triathlons and marathons so long as you're not competing as a professional.
We will help pay you if your trip is disrupted or you become stranded because of natural disasters or if there has been an unexpected civil commotion that prevents you from continuing with the scheduled trip. You are also covered for additional hotel stays and costs incurred on your return to Singapore.

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