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  • A Route Back for 'High Risk' Drivers.
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Very happy about the service provided by Ms. Seniati. She explained very clearly about policy and coverage. She provided excellent service. Thanks for for keeping this type of staff. 12 December 2014
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At we understand that accidents happen and that not everyone has a perfect driving record. That's why we've come up with SOS Car Insurance, a policy that gets you back in the driving seat and back on the road in no time. It is aimed at drivers considered as 'high risk' who would otherwise be refused insurance or have difficulties renewing their policy.

Buying Car Insurance Doesn't Have To Be Impossible.

It can be difficult, even impossible to get motor insurance once you have had two or more at-fault accidents or you've made many claims on your insurance.

Often drivers are forced to seek desperate measures in a bid to get insured. During this waiting time you're unable to drive and in some cases motorists incur a penalty for not renewing their road tax during that period since they do not have a valid insurance.

Other drivers who suddenly find themselves struggling to get insured may try to transfer the ownership of their car to their spouse. In these circumstances you're penalized with a 0% No Claims Discount. Not only that, you have to transfer all loans relating to the car. This again can be time consuming and a real hassle.

At we believe in giving people a second chance. Our SOS Car Insurance does just that! It takes the hassle out of buying your car insurance, getting you back on the road quickly and easily.

Helping to Make Our Roads Safer is offering a 4% discount on car insurance for motorists who install the camera. This is our way of encouraging motorists to stay safe on the roads as well as to help speed up the claims process.

First-Class Claims Service

We understand that your experience of making a claim in the past may not have been ideal. But we're here to change your insurance experience and make sure that this time round it's a positive one.  If you have a car accident and someone is injured rest assured we aim to be there for you at the roadside within 30 minutes. If your car is unroadworthy following an accident, don't fret. Leave it to us and we'll tow your car to a repair workshop for you. When accidents happen we make it as smooth and as hassle-free for you as possible. It is our job to be prepared at all times and to support you in a crisis. You can rest assured at we go the extra mile. But don't take our word for it, read reviews by our customers.

Award-Winning Innovative Singapore Insurance Company

We're an award-winning Singapore insurance company that is continually innovating to help our customers. We recently brought out our Low Mileage Car Insurance, which is just one way that drivers can reduce their motoring costs. Motorists who clock up fewer miles (8,000kms or less) get a reduction on their premium. This is a first for Singapore and we're getting great feedback from our customers about it.

Now we're offering our SOS Car Insurance which means many drivers who would otherwise find it difficult or impossible to get insured will be given a second chance. Once again this is another first for us in Singapore! These are just some of the ways that we continue to innovate and we can guarantee it won't stop there… watch this space!

Read SOS Car Insurance Policy Details for complete information including limits and conditions.

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