Make a Claim

To make a motorcycle third-party only insurance claim simply call us on 6532 1818.

If you are in Malaysia or Thailand call us on +65 6603 3699.

If you have an accident try to stay calm and make sure everyone is safe. Do not discuss liability.

When you phone us, our professional claims’ advisor will guide you through the following process:

You need to get information

Exchange details with other drivers, anyone injured, witnesses and passengers.

Details to exchange are:

  • Registration number
  • Names
  • NRIC or other identification numbers
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Insurance details

Note your exact location. If you can, take photos and video of the scene, including vehicles and damaged property before they are moved.

Documents needed to make a claim

You will need to submit the following documents and keep original copies to substantiate your claim either by fax at 6423 1197 / 6512 1416 , email at or post to, 88 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058716.

  • Accident report – We will assist you with this.
  • Police report – Refer to our section below on Reporting to Police.
  • Medical and specialist reports – If anyone is injured get a medical report from the doctor.
  • Bills and invoices of expenses incurred (i.e. overseas towing, medical fees)
  • Documents supporting your claim (i.e. photographs, medical certificates)
  • Names and particulars of witnesses

If you're injured

We will send someone to the scene to help you. See a doctor immediately and get a medical report. Report the matter to the police.

If someone else is injured

If someone is injured or there has been a fatal accident, please do not attempt to move the injured or the vehicles. Call 999 first then call us. We will send someone out immediately to help you.

Claims and Customer Service at

Reporting an accident

You are required by the General Insurance Association of Singapore to report an accident to your insurer within 24 hours (or the next working day) even if you are not claiming on your own insurance or even when there is no damage. If not, your No Claim Discount (NCD) will be affected.

Reporting to the police

You will need to report the accident to the police if someone is injured, if a hit-and-run situation occurs, or if a government vehicle/property, foreign vehicle, or pedestrian/cyclist is involved.

If you settle your own dispute

If you settle the matter amicably with the other driver, then there is usually no need to make an insurance claim. You must still report the matter to us, though. It will NOT affect your No Claim Discount. Complete and send us a copy of the Private Settlement form when you're reporting the claim.

Accidents outside of Singapore

Make a police report in the place the accident or loss occurred within 24 hours.

Claims made against you

Immediately forward to us all forms of written communication from third parties regarding the accident.

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