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Drive to Zero Accidents Campaign Published 30 Oct 2014 by

We’re thrilled to launch the Drive to Zero Accidents Campaign, a collaboration with the Singapore Police Force and Singapore Road Safety Council.

Swimming with Sharks – Award-winning Insurer Set to Make a Splash Published 28 Sep 2012 by

Swimming with Sharks is looking to make waves with its latest sponsorship deal. The internationally renowned play, Swimming with Sharks, is the latest exciting theatre production being supported by the pioneering online insurance company.

Driving Home the Message of Road Courtesy Published 02 Jul 2012 by

Courtesy Counts Campaign Launch DirectAsia team up with Singapore Road Safety Council and the Road Traffic Police to create a campaign to promote better driving habits and road courtesy.

Helping to Change Lives – Trans Malaysia Express Published 19 Jun 2012 by has raised more than $7,000 to help the poor in Indonesia regain their sight.

Latest videos

Robin Hood Video Commercial Hits Singapore Screens Robin Hood Giving Away Money How We Brought Robin Hood to Life

Robin Hood Video Commercial

Robin Hood is back on Singapore's TV screens and online with a brand new video - and this time his enthusiasm for giving you the best deal on your car insurance has reached new heights!

Robin Hood Giving Away Money at Parking Lot Video

Here he is, our very own living, breathing, insurance-cost-cutting Robin Hood – in his first TV commercial! But don’t get too distracted by this super-star in the making – he has an important message to deliver: you can pay less for your insurance but still enjoy complete peace of mind that if an accident does happen, you’ll get the help you need.

The Making of Robin Hood

Find out how the talented production team brought Robin to life by placing him in live-action locations, and find out why he was given this very special job – namely, to tell Singaporeans about how we at are changing insurance across the region!

Our Customers Tell Us What They Think So Far Hits the Big Screen customer reviews on video

Our happy customers were then filmed telling us, in their own words, all about their experience with It was as simple as that – the filming took place over a couple of hours and here are the results, shown on our website.

Insurance Revolution

'Insurance Revolution','s latest television commercial combines live action, 3D cityscape animation and stunning visual effects, presented in a unique, refreshing manner.


Adrian Pang gets serious with road safety campaign. Singapore actor Adrian Pang and his family launch a series of major road safety video campaigns in collaboration with online insurer

Belt up with Adrian Pang Why it's important Dangers of driving whilst using your phone Don't let drink-driving ruin your life and the lives of those who love you
Belt up with Adrian Pang
Why it's important
Dangers of driving while using your phone Don't let drink-driving ruin your life and the lives of those who love you

Shocking new traffic police figures reveal that increasing numbers of Singapore families are not wearing seatbelts., together with Adrian Pang’s theatre company PANGDEMONiUM! Productions, has launched a video campaign to address this and other disturbing trends on our roads.

The road safety videos are targeted at both parents and children and the first three focus on dangerous behaviours such as not using seatbelts, drink driving and using a mobile phone while driving.

The videos communicate a serious message but deliver this in a way that is intended to reach a broad audience using humour. The videos were produced and directed by Tracie Pang and star Adrian Pang and both their sons, Xander and Zachary.

Press Release

03 Mar 2014 Online Insurer DirectAsia.Com, Acquired by Global Specialist Hiscox

Hamilton, Bermuda (Monday 3rd March 2014) – Hiscox, the global specialist insurance group, is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with Whittington Group, the Singapore-headquartered insurance services and investment business, to acquire its direct-to-consumer online operation, subject to regulatory approval.

09 Oct 2013 Launches Online Term Life Insurance

SINGAPORE - Pioneering online insurer Singapore has launched an innovative online Term Life product, the first in the market with straight through processing and online policy issuance for cover over $200,000, with the cover range from $100,000 right up to $500,000.

18 Jul 2013 Online Insurer leads the way with its Social Media Strategy has launched its own blog in a bid to reach out to the Singapore community. The blog will compliment its other social media sites, including Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin.

20 May 2013 Robin Hood helps Insurance say goodbye to ‘Boring’ Advertising believes that advertising by the Singapore insurance industry has relied too heavily on traditional imagery.

13 May 2013 Rave Reviews For Show Sponsored by’s latest sponsored theatre production, Rabbit Hole, has opened to critical acclaim. Produced by Pangdemonium Productions, the play is a former Pullizer Prize winner that deals with a bittersweet story of loss, survival and the life-affirming power of the family.

08 Nov 2012 At Last! Help For 'High Risk' Drivers

Award-winning insurer introduces Singapore’s first motor insurance for 'high risk' drivers!

22 May 2012 Bold Advertising Campaign from

SINGAPORE - aims to ruffle a few feathers within the insurance industry with its latest advertising campaign.

03 Apr 2012 Low Mileage = Low Premiums. Online insurer targets drivers with low mileage

Award-winning online insurer is launching a new low mileage car insurance – the first of its kind in Singapore.

08 Dec 2011 Rev it up! launches new low-cost motorcycle insurance!

Singapore’s best online insurance company has come up with a cheap and straightforward policy for motorcyclists. The Third Party Only insurance covers all types of motorcyclists on the roads, not just in Singapore but Malaysia and parts of Thailand too.

02 Nov 2011 Beat that! challenges safe drivers to beat their best price on car insurance

Singapore's online insurer is so sure safe drivers won't find a better deal that they’re promising to reimburse… not just once but TWICE the difference if anyone does.

01 Jul 2011 Jazzed up Jingle from!

There’s nothing quite like producing a jingle to get the creative juices flowing. Advertisers these days pull out all the stops when it comes to pinning down that catchy memorable ditty. Celebrities, world-famous orchestras and opera singers are all called upon to put their stamp on radio jingles.

23 Jun 2011 Celebrating Success! Road Safety Champion is 1

Pioneering online insurer is celebrating its first birthday!

Since launching just 12 months ago the innovative company has fast established itself as Singapore’s chief road safety champion. This has been achieved thanks to its offer of a best price guarantee on car insurance for safe drivers.

29 Apr 2011 Drivers who install an in-car camera pay less for their insurance has launched an innovative scheme to reward customers who install a camera in their car. We will offer customers a reduced premium if they equip their car with a special camera...

11 Apr 2010 Launch of Will Shake-up Singapore Insurance Market

Adopting a direct business model, offers its customers lower insurance premiums by removing agents from the process. It will conduct its business primarily through a user-friendly website, supported by a fully staffed contact centre and walk-in office in the CBD.

Other News

Premiums Expected To Stabilise Business Times, 23 May 2012

MOTOR insurance premium are largely expected to stabilise in the year ahead and may even trend downwards.

Auto Premium Fall After 4 Years of Hikes Business Times, 23 May 2012

Decrease is due to industry collectively turning a profit of $21m in 2011. MOTOR insurance premium have finally fallen after four years of increases following the industry's return to profit in 2011.

Car cams could get you out of a jam AsiaOne Motoring, 31 Jul 2011

For some motorists, there can never be too many safety gadgets when it comes to protecting their precious set of wheels. Example, taxi driver Fam Ten Fong has installed surveillance cameras in his vehicle to protect himself against fraudulent claims and rising premiums.

Pioneer Work: Direct Motor Insurance in Southeast Asia Munich RE K-Forum, 13 Jul 2011

Since mid-2010, the Whittington Insurance Group has been represented in Singapore by its direct insurance unit, DirectAsia. Supported and reinsured by Munich Re, DirectAsia got off to a perfect start. 2010 marked a reform in the history of Singapore’s insurance market.

For, road safety videos get thespian's touch AsiaOne Motoring, 29 Jun 2011

SINGAPORE - Online insurer is coinciding its first birthday celebrations with the launch of its latest road safety videos featuring local thespian Adrian Pang.

Shoot and save Torque Magazine June 2011, 01 Jun 2011

Online insurer, in a groundbreaking move, will offer its customers a four per cent discount if they equip their car with a camera that records continuous footage of their journey.

Capture the critical seconds before, after a collision, 01 Jun 2011

You may be a careful, considerate driver but then other drivers may be otherwise. When there is a collision between your vehicle and someone else's, it is usually your testimony against the other party's.

Lower premiums with video system StraitsTimes Life! Motoring, 22 May 2011

A motor insurance company has become the first to offer motorists who install a video surveillance system in their car lower premiums. Not only that, it is subsidising the cost of the system.

Rising trend seen for car premiums as losses rise The Business Times, 04 May 2011

MOTOR insurance premiums are on the general uptrend as the industry continues to grapple with an unprofitable business, which saw losses widen to $48.9 million last year.

Singaporeans take to online insurance model The Business Times, 04 May 2011

SINGAPOREANS have been 'extremely receptive' to the online insurance model, said chief executive officer Simon Birch. rides on MediaCorp OOH, 08 Apr 2011

Singapore - has launched an outdoor campaign through MediaCorp OOH Media's platform, with ads running on 350 taxis till June. - Online Insurance Portal Eyes the Region Now Business Times, 18 Mar 2011

Online insurance portal surpasses sales targets after just 8 months here, leading Whittington to turn it into its core business and expand it.

Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore Straits Times, 15 Feb 2011

MOTOR and other general insurers, who found themselves swamped with enquiries and claims after last year's flash floods, can now say their efforts then have paid off.

Find more flexibility and choice online Straits Times, 30 Jan 2011

It's quick, convenient, transparent and cheaper - just some of the compelling reasons why a growing number of consumers are attracted to buying insurance online.

Drive your own car insurance Bazaar Magazine, 01 Dec 2010

For the urban sophisticate, it's good to know that all your bases are covered. Car insurance is a must for the woman on the go, and offers you the ultimate solution.

Are you paying too much for your car insurance? Singapore Women Weekly magazine, 01 Dec 2010

While car insurance is a must, you could be paying too much. is a better value option that helps you save precious dollars without scrimping on your insurance cover.

Insure your home & its belongings with DirectAsia Home Insurance Singapore Women Weekly magazine, 15 Nov 2010

Have you insured your home and prized possessions? Guess not. After all, your apartment is probably covered by a basic building insurance and you don’t think additional coverage is required, right? Well, it’s time to think again…

Build Social Media Connections to improve your Business The Business Times, 20 Sep 2010

Social media, being the newest “turbo” form of the very old human practice of communication, provides the perfect opportunity to build connection between people. Insurance is about people and trust. We want to build lasting, not just single transaction, relationships with our customers.

DirectAsia Insurance is Live in Singapore with IDIT Software IDIT Technologies - Insurance Software Solutions, 12 Sep 2010

IDIT I.D.I. Technologies Ltd., is proud to announce the successful go-live of IDIT™ Software Suite at, a member of the Whittington Group, in Singapore.

DirectAsia - Online Insurance Brand launched in Singapore SME & Entrepreneurship Magazine, 10 Sep 2010

Last month I discussed the work carried out by Adam Morgan in the field of “Challenger Brands” and began to relate this to the birth of a real-life Challenger Brand in the shape of, a new direct-to-consumer insurance brand launched earlier this year in Singapore. Offer Best Price Guarantee on Car Insurance Oneshift Motoring, 07 Sep 2010, the innovative online insurance company, is set to shake up the local motor vehicle insurance industry again by offering a best price guarantee for their premiums.

Truth as Told - DirectAsia Auto I magazine, 01 Sep 2010

You're involved in a car accident. The other driver claims it's your fault. You know it isn't but your insurer still reduces your No Claim Discount (NCD). It's like rubbing salt in the wound. CEO of explains how his company is helping such drivers hold onto their NCDs.

Technology seen to change insurance business - DirectAsia Channel NewsAsia, 27 Aug 2010

Market watchers say technology is set to change the insurance business, with many companies leveraging on IT systems to automate processes and cut costs.

Flexible Insurance Online – Enjoy Low Insurance Premiums & Plans The Finder magazine, 06 Aug 2010

Purchase insurance policies for your car, home, vacation or you without going through an agent at Enjoy lower premiums and complete control by customising various plans to suit your needs.

DirectAsia provides Car, Travel, Home and Accident Insurance Motoring Magazine, 06 Aug 2010

A new direct-to-consumer insurance company, has launched its operations in Singapore recently, providing car, travel, home and personal accident insurance to customers.

Insurance industry must take responsibility - DirectAsia The Straits Times Forum Online, 03 Aug 2010

As a new insurer to Singapore with a management team from markets around the world, we think there is clearly a role and responsibility for the insurance industry to play in combating the incidence of fraud.

A New Direct-to-Consumer Online Insurance Brand SME & Entrepreneurship Magazine, 01 Aug 2010

Summary of the key foundations and strategies for the brand’s development and launch in Singapore in June and how these relate to ‘classic’ Challenger Brand best practice.

Buy Insurance Policies at Great Prices from DirectAsia Singapore Straits Times, 26 Jul 2010

Click and get insured Insurers are using the web to offer customers a quick and efficient method of buying policies that also saves them money.

Munich Re builds on Asia insurance expansion plans in Singapore My Paper, 25 Jul 2010

Munich Re, which helps insurance companies pay for major losses, has teamed up with global insurance investor and services provider, Whittington Group, to launch, which will offer motor, travel, home and personal accident insurance through the website.

Adrian Pang to launch a road safety campaign with, 24 Jul 2010

Well-known Singapore actor and funnyman, Adrian Pang has teamed up with Singapore’s online insurance company to launch a road safety campaign to address the rising number of motorists who do not belt up and other disturbing trends on our roads.

Online motor insurers offer lower premiums The Business Times, 21 Jul 2010

GOING online for motor insurance generally costs less but it all depends on the individual driver and the insurer's assessment of his or her risk profile.

Car insurance: Are you properly covered?, 29 Jun 2010

Most motorists are oblivious of which company their car is insured with until they are involved in an accident. And the more serious the incident, the greater the likelihood of realising just how good or bad their insurer really is. eyeing 5% of motor insurance market, 25 Jun 2010

It will bypass agents and offer lower premiums. NEW online insurer aims to capture 5 per cent of the motor market within five years.

Direct insurance unlikely to be a threat to traditional firms, 24 Jun 2010

SINGAPORE : Singaporeans will get more choice when buying insurance online after a new player,, launches its website on Monday.

Second online motor insurer making its debut The Business Times, 23 Jun 2010

Whittington Group says that its website will offer the best value insurance for car, travel, home and personal accident products. The international insurance investment business, which is headquartered in Singapore, will formally launch the website tomorrow.

Firm bypasses agents to offer insurance online - DirectAsia, 06 Jan 2010 will sell car, travel, home and personal accident insurance policies without clients paying the usual fees and commissions.

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