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  • Ideal for Low Usage and OPC.
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For the first time in Singapore you can now pay less for your car insurance because you drive less than 8,000km a year! At DirectAsia.com we understand that not all drivers have the same insurance needs. That's why we tailor-make all our policies. With this in mind we've designed a new car insurance plan that's made specifically for Singapore drivers with low mileage.

With this insurance policy, you get all the coverage you'd usually enjoy but you get to pay less for it.

Our cover is available to all drivers who clock up no more than 8,000km per year and includes regular motorists as well as those who drive an Off-Peak Car (OPC).

A great way to save money if you drive infrequently or are simply covering a second vehicle that's used less often. And with our Low Mileage Insurance we let you choose the cover that suits you. Opt for our fully Comprehensive cover or go for our budget options of Third Party Fire and Theft or Third Party Only cover.

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Pay Only for What You Need and No More!

We've now introduced more choices when it comes to your insurance policy so that you can make even more savings.  For instance, tell us who will be driving your car so that we can calculate the exact premium for you and ensure you're not paying more than you should be.  We have three new driver plans for you to choose from ranging from Flexible where anyone with a valid licence can drive your car to Value where only the main driver and named drivers are covered. That way your cover is tailor-made especially for you and so is your premium.

More Ways We Can Help You Save on your Premium

  • Install an in-car camera and cut 4% off your premium
  • Go-Green and save $15 when you DO NOT want to receive a printed policy documents from us.
  • Tell us exactly where you want to be covered – in Singapore only or Malaysia and/or Thailand too and pay only for what you need.

Reduce The Cost Of Your Car Insurance

Our low mileage insurance plan is a great way to save money if you drive infrequently or are simply covering a second vehicle that gets used less often. Additionally, high mileage drivers who have now found themselves on the road less often can switch to a low mileage plan and reap the benefits of a lower premium. We reward low mileage drivers - drivers who put no more than 8,000km on their car each year are considered far less of a risk than road warriors who are constantly driving. Since they're on the road less often, and for shorter distances, it's far less likely they'll get into a major accident. At DirectAsia.com we recognise this reduced risk and reward low mileage drivers with savings on their premiums. Not only that, if drivers use below 8,000km per year you will be allowed to carry forward the balance of the unused mileage on your DirectAsia.com low mileage policy to the next year. That means you get to drive more kilometres for even less!

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Easy To Buy, Instant Coverage

Buying your car insurance in Singapore couldn't be easier. Just fill out our online quotation form and get a quick quote. The simplicity of our low mileage motor insurance makes it easy to buy online. We write our motor car insurance plans clearly so that our customers know exactly what cover they're getting. We won't try to confuse you with insurance jargon. Just simple, clear information to help you make an informed choice.

Once you're ready to buy you can pay online using your credit card, any time you like, 24/7. Our online payment system uses the very latest technology because your security is our top priority. If you prefer not to use the internet just call one of our insurance team and we'll be happy to help. Alternatively, visit our office in the central business district and buy your insurance over the counter. Whatever way you decide to buy you'll receive your policy documents instantly. You can get a quote and be insured all within a matter of minutes!

Ideal for Off Peak Cars

Off Peak Cars

Motoring just got even cheaper for those who drive Private Off-Peak Cars (OPC). OPC drivers can make big savings thanks to our low mileage car insurance. Anyone who clocks up less than 8,000km per year is eligible for the low-cost insurance so it's an ideal fit for motorists with off-peak cars. You get to enjoy all the cover and benefits of our full comprehensive car insurance at a significantly reduced rate. Our low mileage car insurance is applicable to regular motorists who drive less than 8,000km per year and includes both new and renewal private OPCs.

Cut down your motoring costs and get a quote today!

Go Direct and Make An Even Bigger Saving

At DirectAsia.com we're able to keep our premiums down because we sell our low mileage motor insurance policies direct to you. We don't charge you commission or agency fees. So you make an instant saving. Cutting out the middleman means you are only paying for your insurance cover, not for someone else's fees. Unlike some other insurance companies we don't charge interest on monthly payments, so if you pay monthly you again save money.

Singapore Based, To Respond To Your Needs

Motoring in Singapore

As a Singapore insurance company we know and understand the motoring needs of people living in Singapore. All our systems and online services cater specifically to customers living in the Lion City. Our friendly and helpful Singapore staff all work out of our conveniently located office in the heart of the business district. When you make a claim we're right here for you and working alongside you. If you have a query you can pick up the phone or come and see us and talk to us. We may be an online company but we work extra hard to ensure we're always on hand for you whenever you need us, whether for advise, or for claims. So you can rest assured that when you need us we'll be there for you.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying About DirectAsia.com!

At DirectAsia.com we go the extra mile. But don't take our word for it read what our customers are saying about us.

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