Who We Cover

If you own and live in your own property or if you're a tenant then our core home insurance cover is for you.

We have to exclude some people so that we can keep your premium down.

We cannot cover you if:

  • Your property is rented out. We don't insure landlords for now. BUT do look out for an update as we are working on a home insurance policy designed specifically for you. Do leave your email so we can send you details of this policy coming soon.
  • You have had your home insurance either declined or you have only been accepted on special terms.
  • Your property will be left unoccupied for more than 60 days in a row.
  • Your property has suffered from flooding, severe structural movement or subsidence landslide.
  • Your property is being used for business. If you carry business supplies or there are people visiting your home for business purposes then we can't insure you. However, if you work alone from home as a freelance consultant or writer then we can insure you.

Tenants please take note

Fixtures, fittings and renovations are generally covered under the lease agreement with your landlord, so we have excluded these from your insurance. However we advise you to check this out.

We don't want you paying for something you already have, even though the additional cost is minimal. We want you to pay the premium that's right for you and no more, that's all part of our pledge to be upfront, fair and transparent.

Read DirectAsia.com home insurance policy details for complete information including limits and conditions.

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