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Jazzed up Jingle from DirectAsia Insurance!

Release date: 1 July 2011

There’s nothing quite like producing a jingle to get the creative juices flowing.

Advertisers these days pull out all the stops when it comes to pinning down that catchy memorable ditty. Celebrities, world-famous orchestras and opera singers are all called upon to put their stamp on radio jingles.

So when it came to producing one for online insurer, producers called in Singapore’s top crooner Nathan Hartono.

Listeners will be familiar with Hartono’s smooth seductive tones after he burst onto the music scene here three years ago.

The man behind the voiceover, however, will be less familiar. That’s because he is’s chairman Tony Hobrow.

Producers wanted to slot into the jingle a clear, high-energy spoken message that would really sell the company brand of being bold, bright and direct.

Rachelle Lee, Marketing Manager said:

"Tony was perfect for the job. His passion and enthusiasm for the company is all there in his voice. The voiceover featured near to the end of the jingle compliments Nathan’s smooth vocal perfectly.”

The result is a modern light jazz cum pop tune that is currently being aired on Class 95 FM and Gold 90.5FM.

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