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You Declare Who Rides &  How Your Motorcycle will be Used

We ask a few questions to make sure you get the correct premium

Singapore riders love their bikes, and ride them in different ways. We want to make sure you get the best premium, so we ask you about the Main Rider and how the motorcycle will be used. That way we make sure you're only paying for what you need.  

IMPORTANT! Remember to declare the correct information:

It's important that you answer the questions about Main Rider and Motorcycle Usage truthfully so you're insured in the event of an accident. Since we give our best premium based on the information you declare, that information is used when we review and pay claims. 


Rider & Usage Requirements

We have a few basic requirements for who we cover

Rider Requirements


Age & Experience

The main rider (person that rides the motorcycle most) must be aged 25 - 65 with 2+ years’ riding experience.

    Past Insurance

    In the last 3 years, no rider has been refused insurance or had it terminated for any reason.

    Licence History 

    No rider has had their licence suspended or cancelled in the last 5 years.



Usage Requirements


    Commercial Usage

    The motorcycle cannot be used for commercial purposes, hire or reward and must be registered in Singapore.

    Motorcycle Ownership

    We can only provide cover if your motorcycle is registered under your own name.



The policyholder is the registered owner of the vehicle – we cannot insure you if you are not the owner of the vehicle.

The main driver is the person that uses the motorcycle most frequently – he must be aged 25 - 65, 2 years’ driving experience. He would be the policyholder (vehicle owner).

Named drivers are occasional drivers you name under the policy. They have to be aged 25 - 65 with 2 years’ driving experience.

Authorised drivers are people that you give permission to use your motorcycle. Sorry, this policy covers only 1 main driver and up to 1 named driver. It does not cover any unnamed drivers.

Statistically, young drivers tend to have more accidents. At the moment, we do not insure very young drivers, but we do strive to review our policies from time to time. Nonetheless, we appreciate you considering us and hope you will choose us for your motorcycle insurance in the future.

We have to exclude some drivers to keep your premium down
We cannot cover you if:

  • You have been declined when trying to renew your policy in the last 3 years. Or you have had your policy terminated in the last 3 years.
  • You've had your licence suspended or cancelled in the last 5 years.
  • Your motorcycle is registered under your company
  • You use your motorcycle to perform delivery services, whether on a full time or part time basis

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The 3 Standard Motorcycle Usages

Not sure about your usage type? Call us at 6665 5555

Private Use

private use

You are only using your motorcycle in the course of your private life and for leisure.

You are not using your ride to go to your workplace or to any professional appointment. However, you might use your motorcycle on other daily routines that aren't work related.

Private Usage & Commuting

private use & commuting

On top of the private usage, you are also using your bike to go to and from work.

You might use your motorcycle during lunch time to meet with your business partner. However, you are not using your ride to go to and from business appointments during your work/office hour.

Business Usage


You use your ride in your normal day and in the course of your work.

On top of private rides and commuting, you are also using your motorcycle for and during the course of your work. This includes going to business meetings during your work/office hours. 

No, you do not need to select Private and Business Use to make a few business calls. If you need to use your bike for a use outside of your policy, you must inform us prior to when you’ll be riding your bike off your selected use. You can ride outside of declared use up to five times per policy at no extra cost.

If you use your motorcycle outside of your declared usage and you forget to inform us beforehand, an additional excess of S$1,500 would apply if you are involved in an accident during this usage.

If you have misdeclared your usage at the quotation stage, i.e. you are using your motorcycle frequently during the course of your work but only took private usage, or if you drive frequently to your work place but took only private usage, we reserve the right to reduce or reject your claim altogether.

As a valued customer of, you can use your motorcycle outside of your declared usage up to 5 times a year by calling us at 6665 5555 or sending an email informing us of your upcoming usage at; 
Yes. If you do not tell us everything you know or would be expected to know, you may receive no benefit from your policy or we may cancel your policy and treat it as never having existed. The admin fee for cancellation is S$90 (inclusive of GST).

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