Top 5 Guide – Motorcycle Maintenance and More

Top 5 Guide – Motorcycle Maintenance and More

March 7, 2016 Motorcycle 0 Comments

Designed for the first time rider, here is’s quick guide to the best and most useful tips to help you and your motorbike stay friends for the longest time.

  1. Your motorcycle. An complete guide to safe riding for all motorcyclists. In handy PDF form.
  1. A sensible, 12-step maintenance program. Here’s how to make sure you get tired of your bike before it tires of you. A great, short and sweet PDF.
  1. Happy bike = happy you. Direct Asia’s key motorcycle maintenance tips to get you started. A one minute read.
  1. Everything first-time motorcycle riders need to know. Basic things you need to keep in mind before you twist the throttle for the first time
  1. Motorcycles in Singapore. If you have a bike or are thinking about buying a motorcycle in Singapore, DirectAsia’s handy round up of places to buy and sell, connect and learn.

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