Robin Hood Arrives! Great News For Singapore

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Singapore maybe a tiny nation but, since independence in 1965, this 712.4 sq km island state has gained a powerful international reputation.

Singapore is often referred to as one of Asia’s economic powerhouses. Its robust economy is driven by electronics, manufacturing and financial services and the Lion City has toughed out some significant regional crises, including the 1997 Asian markets slump, the 2003 Sars outbreak and the 2009 world banking crisis.

Singapore Skyline

A new report published by US news giant CNN outlines a number of compelling factors that consistently attract foreign investment and explains why Singapore is such an important gateway for entry into Asia.

According to CNN, Singapore’s GDP per capita is currently rated 7th in the world, beating the US, UK and China. It is the world’s fourth-leading financial center, and its port is one of the five busiest in the world.

In addition, The World Bank has frequently named Singapore the easiest place in the world to do business and ranks Singapore as the world’s top logistics hub. So how does Singapore do it?

“Reasons for Singapore’s success include the country’s favorable tax regime, its trusted legal system, a large pool of talented multilingual workers and the country’s unique strategic location. Singapore’s advanced infrastructure, education system and high quality of life, are also undeniable factors.”, March 2013

In line with Singapore’s phenomenal development, has been busy transforming cumbersome and outdated ways of doing insurance in Asia. For years the local insurance industry relied on a number of middle men – agents who bumped up premiums with their commission. The time was ripe for an insurance company that did away with agents and gave power and of course, significant savings, back to the people. has quickly established a great reputation for offering customers a range of innovative insurance policies, helping them to protect them and their assets, both home and abroad. This recognition has firmly established as one of Singapore’s leading online insurers and has translated into awards in Singapore for both the quality of both our insurance products and, equally important, customer service.

Mr Yeo Guat Kwang, President of the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) and Guest of Honour at the People’s Choice Awards explains that customers are becoming ever more discerning about their choices,

“Winning over consumers is not just a popularity game, but an exercise in keeping up one’s standards and constantly innovating to provide the best to one’s customers.”

And now…

Watch out for our very own living, breathing, insurance-cost-cutting folk hero Robin Hood – in his first TV commercial! Simon Birch, CEO of, believes the Robin Hood character embodies the ideal brand values for the company, saying:

“Robin Hood is a great spokesman for us on how we can change the way insurance is done all across the region. He is straight-talking, honest and a challenger. He hates injustice and is protective of the rights of the people.

Our mission is to change the way insurance is done. Our aim, like Robin Hood’s, is to give back to the people by being more transparent and bringing real value for money. We cut out the middleman and create cheaper, more tailored insurance policies.”


Robin Hood is brought to life in the form of an animated character mixed with live action and will feature heavily in’s marketing campaigns. The first adverts will promote our Best Price Guarantee and will be aired on TV and cinemas starting from 20 May 2013 across Singapore.

Visit to find out how you can benefit from great low-cost insurance for car, motorcycle, home, travel and personal accident insurance. Why wait?

"Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author(s) and should not be taken as advice for purchasing insurance ..."

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