Are You A “Motor-Vehicle” Salmon?

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Are you a salmon? If you aren’t, then why continue swimming upstream and pay exorbitant prices just to own a car in Singapore?

It is no secret that Singapore is the most expensive place in the world to own and drive a car. Now with COE prices being at an all time high, perhaps it’s time to consider getting yourself a motorbike. It gets you from point A to B in no time, whilst enjoying the sunshine on your face, and the wind in your hair.

save more on motorcycle insurance when you buy online

What is it in for me?

Think about it. Parking is cheaper, COE is cheaper, and motorcycle insurance and Road Tax are very much affordable and even entry into ERP areas cost less. Filling a full tank won’t burn a hole in your pocket. And you can actually buy a motorcycle without going into debt!

Unlike with buying car insurance where the coverage may comes bundled, motorcycle insurance gives you three options to choose from. There is a Comprehensive, a Third Party Only, and a Third Party Fire/Theft. Getting your two wheels insured is a no-brainer with’s simple and straightforward policies. You can browse its coverage details, along with purchase the policy, all from the click of your computer or smart phone. No need to meet up with greasy insurance brokers who try to push you more than you need. And you will feel good knowing that’s low cost motorcycle insurance is one of the most competitively priced policies in the market.

motorcycle is gaining popularity amongst female riders

Because You’re Worth It

With all that money saved up, you now have extra cash to pamper yourself, and go shopping for cool threads to pair with your motorbike. And ladies, imagine the jaws that will drop when you step off your bike in perfectly fitted biker-chick attire, remove your helmet, and reveal luscious freshly styled locks. All because you switched from four wheels to two.

As if financial savings are not a good enough reason, motorbikes are also similar to fancy sports cars in that it only seat 2, allowing for a more intimate experience when your date gets to scoot up close and hang on to you for their life! Right, guys?

Right that reminds me, I need to book my next hair treatment appointment.

"Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author(s) and should not be taken as advice for purchasing insurance ..."

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  • Edmund on said:

    haha.. such an awesome article. Thank you Desiree.
    I shared this on Facebook and can totally relate to the last 2 paragraphs about female riders and us guys having our partners hug us tight whilst we zoom around on the bikes.

  • Desiree Foo
    Desiree on said:

    Hey Edmund,

    Thanks for sharing! Its good to know that readers can connect with what I’m saying :)

    Based on what you say, I’m guessing you must ride a bike? I remember always feeling terrified whenever I had to climb onto a bike, and thinking this would be THE ride that would end it all. Hahaha.. Very melodramatic, I know.

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