The Rise of the In-Car Camera – What You Stand To Benefit

The Rise of the In-Car Camera – What You Stand To Benefit

March 12, 2013 Car 7 Comments

The in-car camera has been a meteoric success at helping people with their car insurance claims, as well as providing a wealth of material for YouTube addicts who love nothing more than watching people doing a range of bizarre things in cars, planes or by the side of a perfectly unsuspecting road. Most of the dramatic footage of the large meteor that broke up over central Russia recently came from, you guessed it, in-car cameras.

Joking aside, wouldn’t it be great if you were able to prove the circumstances of an accident to your car when you were seeking compensation? Simply by installing an in-car camera, you can now take all the stress out of making a claim and if you want to know why these cameras are proving so popular, Tony, relates his recent tale of woe;

“I was involved in a very annoying and frustrating incident where a 4×4 cut across 2 lanes into the side of my car, and then claimed that it was me that hit him (no witnesses), I had to have half the side of my car rebuilt. I want to buy one of those camera kits that film out the front and back of the car and record any accidents.”

An in-car camera will not simply provide a visual record of what happens to your car, but can offer a detailed record of the location, date, time, direction and speed of impact. The camera takes all the ‘he said, she said’, ‘I don’t know’, ‘it wasn’t me’ and ‘I don’t remember’ out of the claim process and will enhance both the strength and speed of your claim as only incontrovertible proof can.

At, we are all about promoting safe driving habits so if you have an in-car camera installed, we will give you 4% off your car insurance premium. Many of these cameras are a great aid to safe driving as they have a special sensor which can be set to warn motorists when they are accelerating too fast, hard-braking or speeding through sharp turns. The camera can even be set to record when your car is stationary or parked, acting as a great deterrent against vandals or thieves.

Here’s hoping that you will not be witness to either a large meteor breaking up in your vicinity or to people doing equally strange things in cars, planes or by the side of a perfectly unsuspecting road. In any event, why not have your own camera at the ready… just in case?

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  • Brandon McBride

    March 14, 2013at1:22 am - Reply

    I saw a news segment on this. In Russia, cameras are also being used to dispute fraud in incidents where people throw themselves onto a car and claim that they were hit.

  • Claire Vorster

    March 22, 2013at12:17 pm - Reply

    Yes that’s true. As always, expect the unexpected!

    Thanks for stopping by Brandon.

  • Seb@Car Camera Reviews

    March 23, 2013at6:39 am - Reply

    Car cameras are getting more and more popular around the world. Not only are they useful in case of accidents or fraud, but they also record scenery or fun events like meteor strikes that you might want to share.

  • David Kuo

    March 27, 2013at5:07 pm - Reply

    It would be useful if DA can negotiate discount prices with a vendor for in-car camera installations in return for recommending the partner to DA customers. I am more likely to do the installation for my car if someone else can streamline the process and I feel confident that I am paying a good or fair price.

  • Mr Woo

    March 30, 2013at2:41 pm - Reply

    I agree with Mr Kuo’s excellent suggestion .

  • Claire Vorster

    April 23, 2013at4:25 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the suggestion Mr Kuo.

  • Claire Vorster

    May 2, 2013at2:16 pm - Reply

    Good news! is offering a 4% discount on car insurance to motorists who install an in-car camera.

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