Don’t Buy One-Size – Customise Your Insurance. Here’s Why

Some ideas are better in theory than practice.  Like the McDonald’s touchscreen kiosk. Sounds simple. You get to order in your own time without the hassle. But it’s hard to customise your order. McDelivery online is the same. You can only order standard options, no room for personal preference. When it comes to fast food, it’s better to have some choice. You want to feel like a person, not a number in a never ending machine.

When you are spending your hard-earned cash, being able to customise makes all the difference. This is especially true when it comes to insurance, because let’s face it, who has a one-size life? Take travel insurance for example, why should you have to pay the same amount if you’re going solo one-time across the border to JB, or on an extensive family tour of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam?

It’s our goal to give you amazing, value-for-money insurance with the best customer care. And customer care starts with customer choice.

If you are buying insurance for your car, motorbike or travel, we let you customise your cover so it suits your lifestyle. We believe you should pay only for the cover you need. Nothing more.

Customise Your Car or Motorcycle Insurance

You can customise in four areas:

  1. Usage – How you’ll be using your car and where
  2. Plan Type – What type of cover you want (minimal to full)
  3. Who’s Driving – Who will have access to the car and will really be driving
  4. Options – Anything else you want to add on (modification cover, personal accident, etc.)

Customise Your Travel Insurance

Build your policy with these four simple options:

  1. How much – You plan to travel. One time? More than four times a year?
  2. Who – Are you going solo? With family? As part of a group of friends?
  3. Cover Limits – Choose how much premium you want to pay, and the amount of payout you’ll need in the event of a claim
  4. Add – Any additional travellers you want to protect

Why pay for cover you don’t need?

Invest 5 Minutes For Instant Rewards

Whatever your plans, our quick, affordable insurance is the smart choice. Choose the plan you want. Pay the way you want. You are insured!

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